People go nuts for "Jake Goes Peanuts"
There is much to recommend this book, including the jocose musicality of his rhyming text - from a daydream sequence in Peanut Buttertown: "Where peanut butter waterfalls/spilled down from peanut skies, / and happy peanut people / led their nutty little lives." His characters are deeply appealing - rarely do slug-like creatures possess so much charm - as is his scene setting, while the abundant sight jokes are wryly understated. And the quality of the book's color alone makes it stand out; even the dark ones are buffed to radiance KirkusMy granddaughters, Ally (5) and Lily (3), loved your book "Jake Goes Peanuts". Ally's favorite food, too, is peanut butter. Maybe, Grandma will get her to try other foods. Thank you for your fun illustrations and creative writing. -Grandma Joanne
My son Jake will only let me read your Jake books. We read all three every night. He is 3 and he can read them himself now because he has heard them so much. Thank you for making my son so happy.We dont have much money but we love to buy your books. -Love Erika and Jake
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